Chatting with Angélica Dass about humanizing and giving voice to all equally

October 16, 2020

Angélica Dass participates in a talk at Zubi’s Podcast.

How to make a project that is universal? How to make it explain itself? How to make it understandable without languages and for all cultures? Very few people in the art world are able to achieve this connection that Angélica Dass has reached with her project Humanae.

This project is bigger than Angélica herself, bigger than all of us, because it is a project focused on humanizing, educating and breaking down any barriers based on ideas that have been preconceived for centuries. The most important thing is not the image itself, beautiful from every point of view, but the ability to generate a conversation.

During these years, Humanae has changed many people’s lives, especially Angelica’s, since it has allowed her to reconnect with that 6/7 year old self that did not understand why she was being pushed aside and dehumanized. Her TEDtalk video has 3 million views, and she is one of the organization’s chosen opinion leaders to change the future.

The goal is ambitious, but as she says, quoting Tupac Shakur, “I’m not going to change the world, but I’m definitely going to wake up the mind that will change it.” It is privilege to have Angelica Dass with us!

Mercedes Zubizarreta

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