Angélica Dass is an award-winning photographer born in Brazil and based in Spain. Her practice combines photography with sociological research and public participation in global defense of human rights. She is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Humanæ project—a collection of portraits that reveal the diverse beauty of humanity. Her work has traveled to over 50 cities around the world, from PhotoEspaña, to the World Economic Forum (Davos), UN Habitat III, London Migration Museum, AMNH, Montreal Fine arts Museum, Dublin Science Gallery; to the pages of National Geographic, Time Magazine, Foreign Affairs and other relevant media. Her TED Talk exceeded two million views confirming the great potential of her work to go beyond photography, becoming a tool for social change, which promotes dialogue and challenges cultural prejudices.

Angélica’s work transcends the museums and finds in school classrooms a great universe of work. She amplifies the educational message of Humanae through institutional collaborations around the world, such as collaborations with city councils of different cities in the Basque Country, teacher training schools in Madrid, high schools in the Czech Republic, or with UNESCO and the Government of Chile, reaching an impact of more than 50 thousand students in a week.

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Angélica Dass has collaborated with important public and private institutions, which have supported her photographic projects, taking her conferences, workshops and exhibitions to more than 50 countries in all continents.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of her work as speaker and continuing with her role as cultural leader, Angélica Dass has given talks, workshops and conferences for the workers of large companies and corporations. The purpose of these collaborations is to introduce the messages associated with the values of her work in the business world, where power cannot be dissociated from social responsibility.

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