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We create a playful and trustworthy environment to help teachers and children think critically about the race labels that separate us.


We challenge the myth of race
Intolerance related to race, religion, and color negatively affects self-esteem, personal achievement, and community relationships–particularly among young persons. Within the classroom, intolerance becomes discrimination, removing one’s ability to see value in oneself and the others: it muddies the beauty of diversity that marks authentic education. Humanae empowers global educators to stand against discrimination by creating playful spaces for students and the communities in which they reside to discuss such complex, vital issues.


At the Humanae Institute, we serve teachers and all kinds of educators, who keep getting in touch with me every day to bring Humanae to their classrooms. We are providing them with educational materials that help them provoke debate, reflections, and conversations about skin color and race, as well as the creation of art projects in their schools.

Our practice is a community-based project, where educators and multipliers are facilitated and facilitator at the same time. We are fed by their feedback to continue improving our practice. In the whole process, there is a permanent engagement and interchange when they share their feedback and testimonies about the impact they are generating with their students.

Humanae Institute is a 501(c)3 arts-in-education organization.
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