May 31 - August 27, 2023. Madrid, ESP

Una Visión Propia at Museo Lázaro Galdiano

Una Visión Propia is a group exhibition that is part of the Official Section of PhotoEspaña 2023. This artistic proposal gathers portraits of women from the contemporary cultural sphere taken by ten authors from the platform Cómo Ser Fotógrafa. Curated by Marta Soul, the exhibition includes portraits signed by Angélica Dass, Paula Anta, Soledad Córdoba, Estela De Castro, Carmela García, Laura M. Lombardía, Elisa Miralles, Sofía Moro, Gloria Oyarzabal and María Platero.

“What have our mothers been doing so that they have no goods to leave us? Powdering their noses? Window shopping? Shining in the Monte Carlo sun?”

These are some of the many questions that, with an ironic tone, Virginia Woolf emitted in her essay A Room of One’s Own (1929), in a reflection towards the unfair situation of many women tied to unemancipated lives and without possibilities of choice.

Owning one’s own room and having economic autonomy is still a vital goal for many today, as is having the ability to express oneself from one’s own point of view.

In this exhibition, a group of artists from the CSF (Cómo ser Fotógrafa) platform invite us to reflect on a search for truth in that gaze. A truth in the way of observing and presenting the other, or rather “others”, far from classic aesthetic conditioning learned throughout the history of art and photography. It is not always easy to access a vision of art that is not dominated by a classical approach, excluding subjects of special sensitivity, or in which it is men who portray or present women to us.

The images shown by these authors propose a unique reading, integrating the emotional aspect as a fundamental element in the portrait. Thus, this is interpreted from the contemplation and admiration of each artist to the portrayed personality. They are women in culture who, despite having achieved a considerable degree of success in their professional fields, have not yet achieved a sufficiently wide level of visibility and recognition, beyond the specialized public.

Una Visión Propia is an exhibition that vindicates the contribution of gender to the Spanish cultural context from two sides. On the one hand, it presents the training of women in fields such as architecture, design, art, music, fashion, literature and the performing arts. On the other, it shows the active positioning of contemporary women photographers today.

What better time to reveal one’s own vision from the gaze of some women towards others than now, when the talent of all of them is already an unquestionable fact!

Marta Soul

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Photos Mike Jorquera

Portraits of Lucía Mbomio and Quan Zhou Wu
I claim the presence of racialized people as part of the cultural and creative fabric of Spanish society.
With references in the pictorial portrait, I use vibrant colors and large size to focus and highlight the importance of diverse perspectives in the construction of a society where we all feel represented.
It is important to keep in mind an intersectional feminism that is anti-racist and anti-colonialist.
Virginia Wolf has been a magnificent reference for this project, but we are no longer in the 19th or 20th century, where those who were left to clean or take care while others could claim their role in society were not taken into account.
their role in society.
In my line of work I try to shed light, in every step, in every interaction I have in my life, on the current inequalities, and on those that are part of our history, trying to create a different future.
It is the reality of the world we live in, and it is an invisibilization experienced by part of our society.
With that said, the portraits of writer Lucia Mbomio and graphic novelist Quan Zhou Wu raise the following question: aren’t there racialized women doing wonderful things in Spanish art?

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