October 03 - October 14, 2016. Madrid, SP

Auditorio Paco de Lucía

The pages of the newspaper, result of VECINAS [NEIGHBORS] project, were exhibited in Paco de Lucía Auditorium in Madrid along with original images from the personal archives of the protagonists, who tell of their daily chores and life achievements, dismantling the prejudices that the unique history pours out on Sub-Saharan Africa.

VECINAS tracks expectations and struggles, women's backgrounds and horizons, links between places and customs, the everyday, desires, memories


About Vecinas

VECINAS (NEIGHBORS) is a collaborative project between photographer Angelica Dass and Malian High Council in Spain focused into approach the stories of different women born in Mali, who have migrated to Spain.

It starts as a collaboration with the NGO Alliance for Solidarity, and is structured as a narrative puzzle made with own and others’ pieces, trying to rethink the stereotypes that we see every day in the media about Sub-Saharan migration. The project uses archive photos from their past live in Mali, weaved with contemporary images made by Angélica Dass, tracing similarities and particularities of lives, expectations and struggles, backgrounds and female horizons, trying to make links between places and customs, everyday life, desires,memories.

The ultimate goal was to generate a single edition newspaper, where participants can give their neighboring its own history, its true history. This completes a particular narrative but common, a global but custom in each of them , beyond stereotypes, clichés or reduced vision of who they really are.

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