May 08, 2018 . Vancouver, CA

Playing and reflecting at TED

As part of TED Vancouver, the most important TED event of the year, Angélica Dass has developed on several occasions the workshop Flesh Color? where she invites the participants to return to their childhood, recovering the moment when they learned about the connection between race and the colour of their skin: yellow, white, black and red. Using paintings, simple materials and concepts from the Humanae Project, the participants recreated their skin colour and produced their own self-portrait.

I actually painted for the first time in 50 years! Angelica was terrific and our session was appropriately child-like and profound--because what color are we, really?

TED Vancouver attendee

This workshop was powerful. Angélica showed in a very visual way how race really is a human invention

TED Vancouver attendee

Again, all of the above highlights just how important Angélica's work is, not as just a theoretical workshop, but as a way to proactively fight society’s demons!

TED Vancouver attendee

About Humanae

Humanae is a photographic work in progress by artist Angélica Dass. Currently composed of almost 4,000 portraits from volunteers all around the globe, Humanæ pursues to document humanity’s true colors and bring up a critical reflection on the white, red, black and yellow false labels associated with race. The project does not select participants and there is no date set for its completion.  It is a journey of open-ended possibilities that enriches the way we see ourselves, beyond faces and colors. Nowadays, the artist has been doing portraits in 36 different cities and 20 different countries.

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