October 24, 2019 . Puebla, MX

We built common memories in Museo Amparo

The participants of the Yo(tro) [I(other)] workshop were invited to share some of their family photographs, in order to use them in the construction of a collective photographic project. They compiled the images obtained and looked for the common points, in order to achieve similarities within the differences. The routine associated with the development of this activity energizes the interpersonal relationships of the participants and reinforces the essential values of this proposal: identity, integration and inclusion. Always through empathy as a transgressive vehicle, capable of generating dynamics that favor diversity and inclusion.


They have managed to build a global narrative by taking personal experiences as a reference

Museo Amparo

About Yo soy somos

Yo Soy Somos [I am We are] is a project led by a dozen women, neighbors of Madrid. With their personal, collective, local and global stories they bring us closer to their often invisible reality. Starting from an approach that moves them away from the prejudices and stereotypes to which they are usually subjected, through ‘Yo Soy Somos’, we want to know more about these women who do not normally appear in the media or public spaces, but who have been living together in our society for many years and contributing initiatives for change and social transformation.
The work consists of a newspaper/exhibition in which the photographs are accompanied by various texts about migrant women and an exhibition in large photographic blocks. The narrative is constructed through photographs from the personal archives of the protagonists and their portraits taken by Angélica Dass, the project’s artistic director.

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