November 16 - November 18, 2018. New York, US

Sharing ideas with students at TED Ed Weekend

TED-Ed Weekend is just like the annual TED conference, except for one thing: all of the speakers on stage are students. These events are special gatherings that bring together participants from TED-Ed Clubs worldwide for a chance to take over TED Headquarters in New York City. Since 2018 Angélica Dass colaborates with Ted Ed by proposing educational activities during the event. On this occasion, the students were invited to reflect on the portraits of the Humanae Project and to create an installation with the comments that the images provoked them. They also took part in the workshop ¿Flesh Color? in which they made their self-portrait looking for the color of their own skin and also attended a lecture by Angelica.

I’m 10 years old but I understand what racism is. Everyone has a color. I’m a Frappuccino!

Ted Ed Weekend Attendee

About Humanae

Humanae is a photographic work in progress by artist Angélica Dass. Currently composed of almost 4,000 portraits from volunteers all around the globe, Humanæ pursues to document humanity’s true colors and bring up a critical reflection on the white, red, black and yellow false labels associated with race. The project does not select participants and there is no date set for its completion.  It is a journey of open-ended possibilities that enriches the way we see ourselves, beyond faces and colors. Nowadays, the artist has been doing portraits in 36 different cities and 20 different countries.

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