May 14 - May 18, 2018. CH

Art Education Week in Chile

In the context of the Art Education Week in Chile, promoted by UNESCO and organized by the National Council for Culture and the Arts, the Ministry of Education, the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM), the University of Chile and Balmaceda Arte Joven, Angélica trained on line and in person the educators who would later take the Flesh color? project throughout the country. The teachers and cultural representatives learned the techniques of mixing colors to generate skin tones, each one looking for their personal color to create their self-protraits. The experience was replicated in all parts of the country thanks to a complete program and tutorial, available on the SEA2018 website.

The emotional power of the work helped to reach a greater number of students, and thus to start a process of questioning some prejudices that we have as a society.

Teacher at Artistic Education Week

About Humanae

Humanae is a photographic work in progress by artist Angélica Dass. Currently composed of almost 4,000 portraits from volunteers all around the globe, Humanæ pursues to document humanity’s true colors and bring up a critical reflection on the white, red, black and yellow false labels associated with race. The project does not select participants and there is no date set for its completion.  It is a journey of open-ended possibilities that enriches the way we see ourselves, beyond faces and colors. Nowadays, the artist has been doing portraits in 36 different cities and 20 different countries.

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