Every day I try to undo what I was told I should be, forcing the tangle of identity I learned to build, try to arrange the tufts of which is instilled in me … and accept who I am.
According to the RAE:
1. m. Action and effect to untangle or unravel.
1. tr. Undo the entanglement.
2. tr. Bringing order and unconfusing what is messy.
3. prnl. Getting on, overcoming a difficulty.
1. m. Complication and tangle resulting from disorderly bind together the threads or other flexible things .
2. m. Mischief or concern.
3. m. Cheating, lying causing disturbance, dissension and strife.
4. m. Complication difficult to save or remedy in any event or affair of life.
5. m. Confusion of ideas, lack of clarity in them.
6. m. In the epic and dramatic poetry and in the novel, all the events, linked together, preceding the catastrophe or dénouement.


April 08, 2017

Angélica Dass: Desenredo

January 11, 2017

“YO SOY. Intimidad de la identidad y la memoria”

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