Data for life: Art, data and technology

August 31, 2016

In this digital and social media era, data and information become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. As the quantity and variety of the data expands, nowadays an interest in big data is beginning to take place and applied in various purposes – from corporate surveys to public services and security.

The art world is not exempted from the development of data and technology. Where in the previous generation, most artists began their work based on concrete materials, presently abstract information and data can be visualized and become the foundation of an artwork.

This art-tech exhibition explores the issues around data and its relation with human beings through incorporating immaterial data as the essential medium for the creation of art.

The exhibition will showcase six Indonesian and international artists:

Angelica Dass (Brazil/Spain)
Angki Purbandono (Yogyakarta)
HONF (Yogyakarta)
Hysteria (Semarang)
Mioon (South Korea)
Sey Min (South Korea)

The works featured will range from photography, video and mix-media installation based on various data from family photos and portraits of people to Jakarta’s hang out places, currency exchange and tourism statistic.

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