June 29, 2019 . Madrid, SP

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Neighborhood Picnic. For a neighborhood for everyone!

The neighborhood surrounding the Reina Sofia Museum has an intense history of social struggles and collective organization among old neighbors, immigrant communities, artists and activists who today face daily pressures from real estate speculation, which today expels neighbors and prioritizes the adaptation of the neighborhood to the tourist sector. 

The Museo Situado network seeks to reconnect the Reina Sofía Museum to its immediate surroundings, being receptive to the varied cultural manifestations of the neighborhood, its memories and stories, its expectations, generating crossings and dialogues outside its spatial limits, in the schools, social centers, plazas and streets. This network also understands the Reina Sofía Museum as a public space to be occupied and inhabited by all, a place that allows itself to be permeated and affected by the conflicts that inhabit it. We imagine the picnic as a celebration, a plural encounter in which we can meet and reflect on the everyday life of the inhabitants of Lavapiés, their multiple memories, their present of resistance and their uncertain future. We are united by the desire that the neighborhood and the Museum can be inhabited by everyone.

Throughout the day, the exhibition Yo Soy Somos, a collective project under the artistic direction of Angélica Dass – Alliance for Solidarity, will be displayed in the Garden.

The aim is for the neighbors to make this garden their own, integrating it into their daily lives. The picnic becomes a political tool and at the same time a celebration within the Museum


Making Of

About Yo soy somos

Yo Soy Somos [I am We are] is a project led by a dozen women, neighbors of Madrid. With their personal, collective, local and global stories they bring us closer to their often invisible reality. Starting from an approach that moves them away from the prejudices and stereotypes to which they are usually subjected, through ‘Yo Soy Somos’, we want to know more about these women who do not normally appear in the media or public spaces, but who have been living together in our society for many years and contributing initiatives for change and social transformation.
The work consists of a newspaper/exhibition in which the photographs are accompanied by various texts about migrant women and an exhibition in large photographic blocks. The narrative is constructed through photographs from the personal archives of the protagonists and their portraits taken by Angélica Dass, the project’s artistic director.

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