May 18, 2018 . Chile

A whole country expressing its diversity

Flesh color? was the national milestone that closed the 6th edition of the Art Education Week, flooding various public spaces throughout Chile with self-portraits. 85000 children and young people participated in five days of initiatives linked to diversity in more than 1,600 schools, cultural spaces and universities throughout the country. The Art Education Week, is an international celebration, promoted by UNESCO that seeks to sensitize the international community about the importance of artistic education and promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion. With this action, prepared by Angélica Dass, the fundamental role of the arts in generating freer and more conscious subjects was highlighted.

There was a before and after the activity, no doubt! Understanding that there are as many skin colors as there are people, was a wonderful discovery for students, teachers and parents

Teacher at Art Education Week

After the workshop the students began to apply the reflections we discussed in the activity to everyday life. Among other things, now they paint people's skin with different colors, mixing black, brown, yellow, red or pink in their drawings

Teacher at Art Education Week

Students, specially younger ones, no longer want to use the term flesh color because they have realized that it does not define them

Teacher at Art Education Week

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